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The Game Changer (GC) Project in a Nutshell

The rationale

Transforming trends grow both globally and at European level. Change affects everyone; it can be disruptive and difficult for individuals to transition through, particularly if a change crosses international borders, cultures and languages.

Disadvantaged and at-risk groups frequently are those facing big life changes, for whom successful transition is a basic requirement for a decent participation in life and the achievement of economic and personal well-being: from school to work, unemployment to employment and also through industrial/ economic change, by migration, from home to independent living from institution (hospital, care home, prison, military and security forces) to civilian life, to a new language territory and all those who feel that they need to change but not knowing how yet: people, especially young people, facing inequality, bullying, violence or discrimination.

The chameleon symbol

We chose the animal chameleon a a symbol for our project, as it can change his colour in order to fit in every environment, or in a broader context it can adapt to any transition situation.

Key objective

is to support, develop and enable individuals to make/respond to transitions by maximizing their potential through improvement of their skills and well-being in a long time period with the support of ‘social operators’ – trainers, coaches, psychologist, social workers, mentors, counselors and educators – in an web-based community, and parallel harmonizing the standards of skills of ‘social operators’ by accreditation. Achieving this objective will in turn, improve employability and therefore reduce unemployment, promote mobility, equality and diversity, integration and respect for human rights.

The Game Changer project seeks to:

  • apply the science of self-efficacy, personal change, planning, action and resilience

  • develop a science-based gamified, online, training site for peer learning and self-learning

  • create an online training program – with interactive games and activities for trainees

  • develop an educational platform and an online interactive material for training social operators (trainers)

  • develop the skills of individuals who are in the process of a transition

  • develop an accreditation tool for social operators

  • include installation within organisations as well as providing individual guidance

  • incorporate curriculum design and skill-learning methodologies used for learning at work and at home

  • include self-assessment measures, within the platform, for compliance with design

  • use behavioral measures to assess skills and competencies

  • organise local workshops, seminars, training sessions and a series of webinars

  • a sustainable web-based community for all stakeholders for broader societal engagement

  • pilot the training materials with trainers and trainees in each partner country

  • realise transnational meetings for stronger cooperation and exchange of ideas