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P1: HUNGARY (Coordinator)

Pandokrator Ltd

Address: Erd, Tiszafa u. 11, 2030 Hungary

Short Description

Pandokrator Ltd. is a small enterprise established in Budapest, Hungary. During the few years of its existence Pandokrator managed to cooperate in 4 EU educational projects:

  1. ‘The Game Changer’ project, as coordinator
  2. ‘SoS- Soft Skills for Employability through Mentoring and Coaching’, as a coordinator
  3. ‘Innovation in Digital Learning Material’: platform creation and development of interactive learning material in Maths
  4. Erasmus+ Project, “Vet Safety”

Its main fields of research and actions are non-formal adult education: skills improvement and training, language teaching, coaching and mentoring, Horticulture, VET Standardization, and Sustainability.

Within the ‘SoS’ Project we developed 2 products: a printed ‘SKILLS TOOLKIT’ for unemployed people and ‘Guidelines for Mentors and Coaches’ to use the ‘SoS’ Toolkit and support unemployed persons. During the 2 years of the project, as a coordinator, Pandokrator has gained essential managing skills and knowledge on EU project procedures and cooperation.

Currently we are involved in an ongoing Erasmus+ Project, “Vet Safety” (2015-17) about:

  • Improving safety & skills training standards relating to working at height activities in Agriculture, Forestry & the Environment,
  • Development of new resources to support skills training instructors & assessors,
  • Development of an International health & safety data warehouse,
  • Harmonization & implementation of new European skills certification standards.

As for the intellectual capital of the company, Pandokrator’ s staff has decades of experience in formal – at primary, high school and University level – and non-formal teaching, training and academic research in the fields of:

  • Mathematics – Teaching at University
  • Climate Change – Leading the Climate Change Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Intercultural competency in public education (PhD research)
  • Face to face and online language teaching and examining in public and private sector
  • Curriculum development in public sector
  • Horticulture Engineering and Gardening
  • Sustainability
  • Soft Skills improvement training in private and public sector
  • Research on teaching adults online (in the framework of an EU Project)
  • Research on soft skills (in the framework of PhD studies and an EU Project)
  • Research on intercultural education (in the framework of PhD studies)
  • Research on the assessment of intercultural and didactic competencies of educators in public and private sector (in the framework of PhD studies)
  • Research on supporting methods: mentoring and coaching (in the framework of an EU Project)
  • Research on safety strategies and accreditation in VET
  • Training on soft skills development (in the framework of an EU Project and at organisational level)
  • Development of online training material (in the framework of PhD studies and an EU Project)
  • Authoring public school curricula (in cooperation with 1. the Ministry of Education and 2. Ministry of Human Resources)
  • Online language teaching for adults and youngsters (in the framework of an EU Project)
  • Examination of language learners (in the framework of the State Examination Center and an EU Project)
  • Economic, Social and Eco Sustainability – sustainable gardening and training (at organisational level and in the framework of PhD studies)
  • Project management in 5 EU educational projects in sum: on language teaching, online curriculum development, Maths, VET Safety and Accreditation
  • More than a decade of classroom teaching experience at elementary, high school and University level 6 years of online teaching experience.
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