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Mediterranean Management Centre Ltd

Address: 16 Imvrou Str, 1055 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +35722466633
Fax: +35722466635

Short Description

MMC was founded in 2002. Our aim is to have a significant contribution in the area of skills development as well as the advancement and improvement of our corporate clients through training and learning solutions as well as consultancy.
Our Vision is to bring excellence in our clients’ personal and professional life through knowledge, skills development and outstanding life style and thus to be recognized the quality provider in the areas that we are active.
Our mission is to develop leaders in all areas. We enable our clients to achieve and experience excellence in their personal and professional life by developing their skills and designing their lifestyle, enabling our customers to reach their desires.

  • To provide our clients with creative and quality learning solutions that will enable our customers to reach business excellence
  • To contribute to the area of lifelong learning through research projects
  • To provide outstanding quality of work to our project associates
  • To maintain a quality working environment for our team where innovation and creativity are encouraged
  • To enable our clients to live a quality lifestyle through creative exhibitions and other events

MMC is structured in three departments:

1. Training and Development Department organizes in-company and public learning solutions for personal assistants, middle level management, executives and others. MMC specializes in the area of Communication and Personal Development

  • Project Management
  • Management, Coaching and Leadership
  • Personal Assistants, Executive secretaries and administration personnel
  • And others

MMC is aiming at providing quality learning solutions that will enable our customers to reach business excellence. This is achieved by transferring to our customers’ competence and practical knowledge from internationally recognised consultants in a pleasant training and development environment using new and innovative learning methodologies.

2. Event Management Department organizes conferences, exhibitions, business games, public lectures, lifestyle events and other events. Major events include the Annual Conference for Personal Assistants and Executive Secretaries, the annual sales conference and the Manager’s Toolbox.

3. Projects and Consultancy Department Designs and implements European Projects (Equal, Leonardo, ERASMUS etc) as well as co-funded projects (solidarity fund, ESF etc). MMC has participated as coordinator or partner, in more than 50 projects.

Our Target groups, include Senior Management, Department Managers, team leaders, Officers and Supervisors, Personal Assistants, Executive secretaries and administration personnel.

Our key Areas of Expertise include European Reference Framework, European Qualifications Framework, ECVET, Validation of formal, non formal and informal learning, Link to work, Equality / Discrimination, Employment market/Access to employment market, Languages, E-learning, Assessments, Innovative Methodologies, Research and Analysis of results, Systematic Identification of best practices.

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