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Address: Vranov 83, Vranov, CZ
Tel: +420607475027

Short Description

The CCAgency is a qualification management centre & project consultancy organisation specialising in quality assurance systems within vocational education & training (VET). Staff have over 25 years international experience in this & related sectors.

Current activities include; participation within an Erasmus + funded VET-Safety project developing new European skills qualifications within the agricultural and construction industries & on-going technical and advisory support to the Awarding Body Association International (ABA) a ‘non-profit’ umbrella association of qualification centres from across Europe & North America. In addition, the CCAgency undertakes the role of Secretariat to ABA. ABA & it’s network of partners manage & continuously develop an internationally regulated accredited qualification framework and database supporting the recognition of national skills qualifications worldwide.

CCAgency is a small enterprise with access to a wide network of specialists within the VET field both nationally & internationally. Staff have extensive experience in the development & delivery of skills training programmes for disadvantaged groups which include; unemployed people, migrants with language difficulties, people with learning difficulties etc.

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