Even more trainers joined!

We are happy to announce that more and more trainers join our project. This means, more learners can participate in the piloting phase, while the personal and small group style of the training is still ensured.

All Game Changer trainers are experienced professionals, psychologists, educators, social workers, etc, who deal with difficult life stories in their everyday work.

Signing up to our training, you can meet our trainers online, from 5 European countries and be a member of the Game Changer community.

The Game Changer platform with easy to use games and activities is a suitable tool for auto-learning, peer-training or coaching. Our social operator trainers will guide you through the learning process and support you to have a more organised and happy life. There are games & activities available in English, Greek, Czech, Danish and Hungarian language.

Remember, there is one essential element of your well-being training: YOU.

HOW BAD YOU WANT IT? How bad do you want a positive change in your life? How much do you want to feel and do better every day? Our trainers are here for you, but don’t forget: YOU are the one, who can do the most for your mental health and well-being.

So… Are you in?

For joining our training contact us: info@pandokrator.eu